It’s that time of year again as Red Frogs volunteers get their camping gear ready for Splashy Fen.

For the past 4 years Red Frogs has set up camp at #Splashy Fen as extra eyes and ears around the festival grounds. Red Frogs is a support network for festival goers, and this team of volunteers aims to provide assistance to Splashy Fenners in all situations, whether it’s the need for cold water or assistance finding one’s tent in the early hours of the morning. The Red Frogs marquee is open 24/7 and in the morning you want to make sure you don’t miss out on the free pancakes.

Red Frogs aims to safeguard a generation of young South Africans in party environments. At night the volunteers walk around the campsite and are available to help out in ANY situation. Should you need a place to chill out or to grab a pancake, or some cold water, then look out for the Red Frogs tent.

“We are incredibly grateful to Impi Concept Events, the organisers of Splashy Fen for once again having us at the festival, and to McCarthy Nissan Gateway for the vehicle sponsorship, and Bidvest for the insurance on our vehicle.” says Paul Rowney, National Coordinator. “With this we are able to transport our Red Frogs trailer full of water and other resources required for the long weekend. We would also like the thank Aquelle for their generous sponsorship of 250L of water to keep festival goers hydrated.”

Red Frogs is a positive presence throughout South Africa and you can read more about the volunteer support network on our website –