In 2017 we all got to see, and be photographed next to The Rising Earth Pod, a wondrous creation by KwaZulu-Natal artist and sculptor Kim Goodwin. Kim created this impressive towering structure on the banks of the Splashy Fen river by weaving and manipulating Wattle, an invader plant material found in nature. This year, fans can look forward to something a little more interactive, with a 3-metre look-out temple that will offer a new perspective on the Splashy Fen farm. You won’t be able to miss it. And if you don’t post a photo from the very top, there’s no proof you went to #Splashy2018. But Splashy Fen isn’t just a showcase of acclaimed musicians and artists, but a platform for everyone and anyone to share their passion, learn new skills or simply enjoy watching others do so.

Art-Go-Round, a creative art concept, will give fans the chance to add their creative mark to a 4 metre canvas throughout the festival. In addition, Yoga sessions take place every morning at 9am. Hulla-hooping, fire breathing and day and night time Poi displays can be seen throughout the festival, as well as face and UV body painting, henna, hair wrapping and other activities. Drumming sessions take place every morning and evening, belly dancing and Digeridoo workshops, fire breathing and dancing around the Acoustic Stage bonfire, a competition for the most creative camp site flag and not to forget, the ever-popular Splashion Show with the amazing prize to the Seychelles, courtesy of Air Seychelles and Eden Island.