Perez played their very first live show on the main stage on Friday night at Splashy Fen in the year 2001. The write-up in the Splashy Fen booklet for that year read: “There is a feeling that Perez may gauge a gaping hole through the chest of the South African rock and roll scene and could well tear the very heart out of it.” This is exactly what happened and the following year they headlined Splashy Fen.

That same fateful night in 2001, Perez were offered a record deal which launched them into a hurricane of touring, recording and rock and roll excess. The first three singles off their debut, full-length album “Picture Perfect” all went to number 1 on the SA charts, earning them their first SAMA Music Award nomination for Best Rock Album. After two years of relentless touring the band went deep underground and only emerged again in 2008 to release their self-titled album “Perez.” Again, after touring of this album, and another SAMA nomination, they vanished - this time off the face of the earth.

It’s now 2018, they’re back, and somehow the stars have realigned. If you only do one thing this year- see Perez.

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