Tickets for #splashy2022 are limited to 3000 ONLY (30% of the festival venue capacity).

IMPORTANT: those who became a #splashyhero back in 2020 & who are eligible for the 20% discount will have that discount applied to their Otter Club ticket, meaning their ticket will cost R840 excl bank fees. These generous people will be sent direct communication on how to redeem these.

Ticket prices are as follows:


Type Fees
Otter Club Ticket R1050*
20% Discounted Otter Club R840*
Early Bird Ticket R1300*
Normal Festival Ticket R1450*
Kids 4-12 R450*
Kids U4 R50*

* Excludes bank charges (4%)

* All tickets are fully refundable on the ticket price (not the bank charges) should the event be cancelled due to COVID regulations. The normal refund policy will apply should you yourself test positive for COVID and are unable to attend due to regulations at the time preventing COVID positive people from attending Splashy Fen, where the festival itself continues.

* Please note that it is envisaged that regulations will dictate that those who choose not to vaccinate will likely have to take a COVID test at the armband collection point. Should you test positive, you would not be allowed to attend the festival. Vaccinated ticket holders will be granted access without having to take a test. This is a moving target and these regulations will be implemented based on what is applicable at the time the festival takes place. Should COVID testing be required by anyone, that cost is not included in the price of the ticket.

Please also make sure you are aware of the refund policy as follows:

Should Splashy Fen festival be cancelled due to national COVID regulations, then the full price of the festival ticket will be refunded. It’s important to note that when you purchase your ticket online, the bank charges a fee to complete that transaction online. Unfortunately that fee is not refundable.

Howler, our ticketing company, also offer a ticket insurance policy that you can take as a separate product when purchasing your festival passes. This product has specific terms and conditions attached to it, and is not a product sold by or offered by Splashy Fen festival itself. It is the responsibility of the ticket holder to understand the conditions attached with the ticket insurance product. Should a ticket holder fall ill with COVID which prevents them from attending the festival, then the ticket insurance would cover this example.

Should a ticket holder contract COVID and not be able to attend the festival, please note that the risk on a person’s health lies with that individual themselves, and there would be no refund offered if the festival goes ahead but you are not able to attend due to falling ill, whether for COVID or any other illness.

For details, click the following:

Our general refund policy outside of the above mentioned COVID regulations, is as follows:

Cancellation >90 days before festival 90% refund
Cancellation 60-90 days before festival 60% refund
Cancellation 30-60 days before festival 50% refund
Cancellation 10-30 days before festival 30% refund
Cancellation <10 days before festival 10% refund