Terms and Conditions

  • I understand and agree to all terms and conditions of Splashy Fen 2016
  • I agree and understand that glass will not be allowed into the venue during Splashy Fen 2016 and that if I bring glass, I will be asked to leave it at the gates
  • I agree that I will not bring any firearms, weapons or banned substances to Splashy Fen farm or engage in any activities that include these prohibited items
  • I agree and understand that should I be under U18 years of age at the event, that I will not take alcohol from anyone, and will not attempt to purchase any alcohol from anyone or any bar on site
  • I take full responsibility for my health and safety on site and hereby indemnify the organizers, all sponsors and partners, land owners and staff of Splashy Fen from any claims whatsoever